The Proper Way of Writing a Book Review

Reading Books Makes You Better

Writing a book review may be hard the first time you do it, but – eventually – when taken step by step, it would prove to be easy and interesting. Book review writing is done to promote a book or to comply with school requirements.

If you get stuck and don’t know where to begin, it would help to imagine that you are talking to someone about the book that you have just read. If this won’t work for you, try these easy steps to help you write a great book review in no time.

  1. Sentences

Writing a book review should always start with a couple of sentences that would give a description of the book without revealing the plot of the story. If it is about a book series, it would be useful to state whether an earlier series needs to be read to better understand the plot and characters.

  1. Pros of the Book

This is mainly concentrating on your feelings and thoughts about the way the story was told in the book. Ask yourself questions such as:

  • Why is this particular character in the book your favorite?
  • Were the characters described realistically?
  • Why is a particular scene attractive to you?
  • Did the book make you sad or happy?
  • Was the story so interesting, you can’t seem to put it down?
  1. Cons of the Book
    Were there instances in the story that you feel should not have been a part of the book? Ask yourself questions like:

  • Was the ending a cliffhanger that made you feel frustrated?
  • Was the general idea of the book uninteresting or too scary for you?
  • What was it about the main character that you did not like and why?
  1. Summary

In closing the book review, give your thoughts on the book and recommend the type of reader that you feel is appropriate for the story. Would the book work for older readers, fans of comedy, love stories, dramas, mystery stories, or younger readers? Again, if the book is part of a series, how will it be compared to its previous installments?

A book rating can also be done from a mark of five to ten to tell how much you like or dislike the book.