Easy Ways on How to Review a Fantasy Book


A fantasy book represents a certain genre that is attractive to people who are fascinated by worlds of mystery and suspense. Fantasy books are highly popular with lots of avid fans, and knowing how to review a fantasy book will put you in good stead.

Here are some of the best tips on how to review a fantasy book that will either fit a school requirement or let you make a career out of it:

Write the Reviews for Yourself

There’s no need to please an audience. Write the review without spoilers and talk about what you like or did not like in the story. Tell something about the characters using short descriptions, their development, and backstory.

Avoid Recaps

Try to avoid recapping the story as it might end up as a book synopsis and not a review. Focus on one part of the book that interests you and write something about it. For example, a book may have a brilliant plot with well-thought out characters but if the pace of the writing style is not up to par, it would kill the story. If word style and proper narration is one that interests you, focus on that and write something good or bad about it.

Fantasy books thrive on word building that needs to build up a fantasy world by using the correct choice of words. A scene can be easily imagined when it is described magically with proper narration and fantastic word style. Focus the book review on the way the author describes the character, setting and pace of the story.

Keep it Brief and Simple

If reviews could be done inside 500 words that summarize the general theme of the book, with small details about its weaknesses or strength, then you’re on your way to writing a good review. Learn to take down small notes while reading the book so that at the end of the story you will have an outline of the book review.

Writing a book review on fantasy books may divert a little from the other genres of books. The difference would be the theme which is highly imaginative, thought-provoking and magical.