Nailing a Book Review Guide for High School Classes

book-reviewKnowing how to write a book review for high school students could very well be one of the most important skills a young scholar can have at this stage of education. This could either be seen as a blessing or a curse but did you know that this could be your chance to voice out an opinion?

Shirking from it will probably save you in one instance, but nailing it will put you in good stead to tackle further book review assignments when you reach college. It may not be easy at first but a positive attitude and willingness to learn will go a long way. Here’s how:

  1. Read through the book quickly and list down the main theme and the way it was expressed or explained.
  2. Make a chart; divide it into two columns and list ‘strengths’ in one and ‘weaknesses’ in the other. Make sure you list down things that can be proven.
  3. The first paragraph in your review must include the author and title of the book. This is a clear way of informing readers about the book you are reviewing.
  4. In two or three sentences, write about the plot of the story. Make it simple and easy; just to give a general idea what the book is all about.
  5. Put down the lists that you made on your chart and give an explanation for each of them. This will give the readers a better understanding of the book.
  6. Give information about the author’s background if it is relevant to the book: for example, if the setting of the book is also the place where the author lives, or if the plot was based on a true life experience. Put this information before the conclusion of the book.
  7. Quotations are fantastic to use as long as they are relevant to the issue.
  8. Make a trendy conclusion by using a thumbs-up or thumbs-down assessment of the book. A book review needs to be stated either as good or bad. Decide your stand on it and make it clear to your readers in the final paragraph.